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Psychology & Corona

Reports on the motivation barometer

On this page you can find an overview of all reports regarding the motivation barometer. Since March 2020, a team of researchers from different universities has been monitoring the motivation, connectedness and psychological health of the population in the motivation barometer. It has grown into an evidence-based instrument that serves to advise and comment on the psychological side of the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium. All reports are available in Dutch and some in French as well. 

February     November     

Rapport 42: Concerns and risk perception in
the post-pandemic fall of 2022 

Report 40: The CST, mandatory vaccination, 1G policy or stop everything ?

Report 39: Motivation, well-being and vaccination attitudes in Omicron times.

January 2022


Report 38: Omicron and children's vaccination invited to the holiday celebrations.

Report 37: There is still support for health measures, not for the pandemic management.


Report 36: On the eve of stricter measures: Attitudes toward the new measures and the vaccine pass.

Report 35: Is the population still conscious of the risks and motivated to follow the measures? What is the role of the COVID Pass in this?


Report 34: Is there still motivational support for the measures in various regions?





Report 31: Seduce, persuade and/or inform? How to deal with vaccine doubters?


Report 30: Motivation for behavioral measures and vaccination readiness heading into the summer

Report 29: Does the prospect of easing up motivate the population? (NL) (This report is also available in French


Report 28: Getting vaccinated: preferences crystallize! (NL) (This report is also available in French

Report 27: Saliva testing in schools: Impact on mental health, motivation, and behavior (NL) (This report is also available in French


Report 26: Is there motivational support for stricter measures? (NL) (This report is also available in French

Report 25: The Corona numbers: Motivation Matters! (NL) (This report is also available in French


Report 23: (Re) building confidence: vaccination and the actors of the pandemic (NL) (This report is also available in French

Report 22: Movement as a source of well-being (NL)

Report 21: On a shoe string and yet persevering (NL) (This report is also available in French

January 2021

Report 20: What are the psychological conditions for vaccination? (NL) (This report is also available in French) 


Report 19: Christmas 2020 (NL) (This report is also available in French

Report 18: Willingness to Vaccinate and Motivation (NL) (This report is also available in French




Start second lockdown

Rapport 17: What makes for a Happy Christmas in 2020? (NL)

1 contact

Report 16: A closer look at some assumptions about behavior and motivation (NL)


Report 15: Even a tough nut can be cracked in a motivational way! (NL)

Report 14: What do citizens think of corona badges and the barometer? (NL)



Report 13: Are there any meaningful alternatives to the current bubble concept? (NL)

Report 12: How can we create a motivational framework? (NL)



Report 11: Motivation during the summer period (NL)


Summer vacation

Report 10: What Makes for an Invigorating Summer Vacation in Corona Times? (NL)


Phase 4

Report 9: About motivation, mouth masks and our sense of responsibility (NL)


First contacts

Report 8: Well-being of higher education students (NL)

Report 7: Bubbling on Mother's Day (NL)

Report 6: Motivational turning point? (NL)

Report 5: Fatigue strikes (NL)


Report 4: Motivational leadership (NL)

Exit strategy

Report 3: Psychological vitamins in times of corona fatigue (NL)

Report 2: Is our motivation for following the measures fading? (NL)


Report 1: Persistence (NL)

Start first


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