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During the pandemic, members of Psychology & Society collaborated with the Superior Health Council (Federal Public Service of Health) to prepare recommendations for the authorities about the impact of Covid-19 on mental health.

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The Covid-19 crisis underscored more than ever the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between various academic disciplines.

Health, social, and clinical psychologists played a key role in investigating the relationship between adherence to measures and motivation.


Secondly, by advising measures that are proportional to the risk level we are facing to limit psychological and motivational burden, and thirdly, by alerting other disciplines to the need for support measures and initiatives to strengthen motivation and mental health.

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Psy & Corona Projecten

Unveiling the Past, Shaping the Future

Welcome to the archives of the remarkable journey of Psy & Society during the pandemic with our initiative 'Psy & Corona'.


In this dedicated space, we revisit the impactful projects and reports that have shaped our work during the pandemic. Although these projects are now part of our history, they testify to our dedication to mental well-being during challenging times.


By being here, you're not just exploring our past; you're also an active participant in knowledge sharing, learning, and shaping a better society.


Stay tuned for exciting upcoming projects that will continue to drive positive change.

The Psy & Corona Team

Psychology & Corona

Public Health Measures: The Yes, The No and Everything in Between.
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