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Psychology & Corona

Practical reports on specific topics

January 2022


The vaccination campaign has been very successful in Belgium, with the vast majority of adults being vaccinated and getting a booster vaccine nowadays. Many adults voluntary choose to be vaccinated and the personal endorsement of this decision indeed appears a robust predictor of vaccination acceptance (Schmitz et al., 2021). At the same time, the question raises what a next step may involve: should a vaccination pass be introduced or is it more desirable to move towards mandatory vaccination in specific subgroups or the entire population? Below, various psychological advantages and disadvantages of mandatory vaccination are discussed, which lead to a synthesizing conclusion at the end.


The idea of a vaccination passport is being discussed at the national and even more so at the EU level. The declared goal is the implementation of some form of a passport at the European level by the end of March. The ‘Psychology and corona’ expert group examined this issue from the perspective of psychological and, more generally, behavioral sciences.


January 2021

Even tough adolescents and young adults are not particularly sensitive to the medical consequences of COVID19, they are disproportionately sensitive to the psychological side effects of the current pandemic and its limitations. Therefore, the “Psychology and Corona” expert group calls specific attention to this group. This report summarizes the main findings of research on this topic and provides policy recommendations. 





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Report 5: summary report of the recommendations of the '' Psychology and Corona '' expert group (NL and FR)



The expert group "psychology and corona" offers us a summary of their recommendations that have been sent to both CELEVAL and political bodies. This report is only available in Dutch and French

The second wave of infections is taking its motivational toll. Corona fatigue is creeping into many citizens. Extra efforts are urgently needed. In this report, we provide an overview of the main results of the recent surveys, we advocate for an interdisciplinary approach, and we offer a series of recommendations (do's and don'ts) on motivational communication and policy. This report is only available in Dutch and French



Based on literature review and discussions with various experts, PSYNC, in collaboration with members of the corona and psychology expert group, developed guidelines and advice on the impact of covid-19 on the mental health of citizens.This report is only available in Dutch and French

Stricter measures

Summer vacation

The corona crisis demanded a lot of attention and energy. That leaves mental traces for some of us. At the same time, the virus may throw a spanner in the works of our vacation plans. In order to recover from this intense period, to oxygenate our social relationships under pressure, and to be able to deal resiliently with uncertain times in the fall, it is important to recharge the batteries during the holidays, both physically and psychologically. But what is that, a pleasant holiday that gives us a mental boost? The expert group 'psychology & corona' has formulated a series of recommendations on how you can experience an invigorating and valuable summer holiday in the Belgium or abroad in times of corona. This report is only available in Dutch and French


Phase 4


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Exit strategy

The expert group was asked to provide initial advice to GEES. 7 steps were put forward with concrete recommendations.


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