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About BFP


The BFP is a federation of associations of psychologists.
Five associations are currently members of the federation:
BAPS (Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences), VOCAP (Association of Organization, - Consumers and Occupational Psychology), VVKP (Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists), VVSP (Flemish Association for School Psychology), and UPPCF (Professional Union of French and German speaking clinical psychologists). It is therefore no longer possible to become a member of the BFP as an individual psychologist, but through your membership of the above-mentioned associations you also support the BFP.

The Objectives of the BFP

The Objectives of the BFP are:


- contribute to the creation of an adequately structured and effective psychologist community;


- to promote, in collaboration with the affiliated associations and other organizations, the psychological discipline at a scientific level, in its various sectors, at a national and international level;


- to ensure the promotion and defense of the professional, social and cultural interests of psychologists affiliated to the psychologists' associations that are members of the Federation;


- to stimulate and maintain a spirit of mutual collegiality and deontology, as well as the practice of the profession of psychologist focused on the interests of the client.

Notre mission
Nieuwsbrief BFP-FBP


The BFP-FBP sends a newsletter several times a year to its members, the professional associations of psychologists (VVKP-VOCAP-BAPS-VVSP-UPPCF).
In these newsletters, you will find all the news of the BFP-FBP.

(newsletters in Dutch and French)


The statutes of our federation

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