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Psychology & Corona

Composition of expert group

Pauline Chauvier

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Elderly people, Geriatrics, Mental health, Caregivers, Hospital

Pauline Chauvier is a clinical psychologist and family and systemic psychotherapist. She has been working at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc de Bruxelles in an acute geriatric unit for more than 10 years. In this context, she worked in the Covid Service during the first wave of the epidemic, within the geriatrics team and with patients and their families. Since October, she also has a mandate to support the care teams who take care of covid patients: discussion groups and individual follow-up for the teams, organization of psychological care for patients, supervision of nursing and physiotherapy trainees, reflection on end-of-life support, ...

She also has a private practice of individual, couple and family psychotherapy; and she is in charge of an "end-of-life support and palliative care" course at the HEPN (Haute école de la Province de Namur). 

Since the beginning of her career, Pauline Chauvier has always been committed to the professional associations, and it is as a representative of the UPPCF (Professional Union of French-speaking Clinicians) that she participates in the group of experts in psychology and corona.

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