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Patrick Lancksweerdt


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School pscyhology, student counseling, crisis intervention, psychologic processing proces

Patrick Lancksweerdt graduated from Ghent University with a master’s degree in clinical and developmental psychology. He also has a bachelor’s in informatics. From the start of his career, he was active as a school psychologist and director of the CLB (Centre for student counselling). At the end of 2019 he exchanged his job as CLB-director for cross-center assignments within the student counselling and school psychology. He was involved in different projects ranging from research projects about the transition of primary to secondary education to the implementation of internet in the CLB-sector. He was also developer and project leader of LARS, the registration program that all CLB’s use today. 

On the clinical side he mainly focused on crisis intervention and counselling of schools, children, young people in shocking events. He has given multiple readings and wrote multiple publication (for internal use) on this topic. 

Patrick is the chairman of the Flemish 1ssociation for School Psychology (VVSP) and board member of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP). He is also an expert on multiple boards of wellbeing organizations.

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