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Psychology & Corona

Composition of expert group

Olivier Luminet

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Emotion, Emotion Regulation, Personality, Health behaviors 

Olivier Luminet is professor at UCLouvain and ULB. His central expertises are related to the interactions between emotion, personality and health. In particular, he examines how emotion regulation, cognitive processing, and bodily awareness/interoception can affect health outcomes. More recently, he developed expertise in the prediction and modification of health behaviours. In the food domain, he was co-PI in the FOOD4GUT project that aimed at increasing the consumption of vegetables rich in fibers to decrease obesity. He is currently involved in an interdisciplinary PRD project aiming at modifying eating behaviours towards higher sustainability in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In relation with the covid pandemic, he conducted a large online study that investigated the influence of socio-demographic, socio- cognitive, and emotional variables on the adherence to health behaviors. He received a grant from the Louvain Foundation to pursue this line of research in 2021. He is member of the Superior Health Council (mental health section).

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