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Psychology & Corona

Composition of expert group
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Karen Phalet


Migration, Diversity, Inequality, Stigma, Youth minorities, Identity, Solidarity, Prosociality

 Karen Phalet is Full Professor of Social Psychology at KU Leuven since 2006. She is also a senior research fellow of the European Research Centre On Migration and Ethnic Relations (Ercomer) at Utrecht University. She studies social behavior – how people think, feel and act in social interactions, relationships and groups – through the lens of cultural diversity and social inequality. Her academic research examines dynamics of group identities/boundaries and cross-group ties/networks in European migration contexts -- with a view to explaining migration-related inequities, exclusions, stigma and promoting minority wellbeing, success and collective action for social change. Related to the pandemic, she is involved in ongoing cross-national research on school closures and educational inequalities, precarity and solidarity in refugee and migrant communities, and prosociality in response to global threat.

Expert in the press

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