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Psychology & Corona

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 Inez Germeys

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Mental Health, Young People, Psychiatry, Digital Treatment, Context 

Professor Inez Germeys is a trained psychologist and full professor contextual psychiatry at KU Leuven. After 20 years of research at the Maastricht University, she received the prestigious Oddysseus scholarship in 2016 to establish the Centre for Contextual Psychiatry (CCP) in Leuven. By now, her research lab already consists of almost 30 researchers. At the center of her work is the relation between person and his/her surroundings in the development of psychological complaints. The emphasis in her research is on social interaction, stress and emotion regulation in the development of mental illness. In 2018, the SIGMA study was set up. A large-scale study into the mental health of young people. These young people were surveyed in April 2020 and again in the spring of 2021. The lab is also specialized in the use and development of digital interventions for mental illnesses. Inez Germeys is the head of IMMERSE, a European consortium, that works on the Clinical implementation of digital technology within the mental healthcare. She is also the chairwoman of vzw, a website by and for individuals with psychosis and is actively involved with “Te Gek?!”. 

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