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Psychology & Corona

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Alexis Dewaele

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Vulnerable Youth and Covid-19, Mental and sexual Health, Sexual Minorities.

Alexis Dewaele is senior lecturer on qualitative research methods in clinical psychology as well as coordinator of PSYNC , a Ghent University interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to improving the mental health of all citizens, running research projects in close collaboration with diverse stakeholder groups, and with a clear focus on generating real world impact and societal innovations.He is one of the promotors in the Single Case Archive Project, a project on setting up a database with more than 3.500 single case psychotherapy studies . He was the vice project-coordinator of Mentally (2018-2020), a project that aimed to improve European mental healthcare through strengthening professionals’ competencies, evaluate the organization and capacity of care systems, and improve patient outcomes.Alexis Dewaele is also chair of Sensoa, the Flemish expertise center on sexual health. As a scientific coordinator of the SEXPERT study (2009-2013) he acquired expertise in diverse sexual health topics and is currently an active member of the European Sexual Medicine Network ( Throughout the years he conducted several quantitative as well as qualitative studies on sexual minorities, coping with (minority) stress, and mental health outcomes. He is also one of the partners in the Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy.

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