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Psychology & Corona

Composition of expert group

Adélaïde Blavier


Psychotrauma, Forensic Psychology, ethics

Adélaïde Blavier (PhD in psychology) is professor at the University of Liège where she heads the Center of Psycho-traumatology and Forensic Psychology. She is responsible for the clinical consultation in psycho-traumatology and forensic psychology at the Clinique Psychologique et Logopédique Universitaire (CPLU) of the University of Liège. Prof. Adélaïde Blavier teaches psycho-traumatism, diagnostic tools and ethics and deontology. She also leads three certificates (post-master training) respectively on forensic psychology, on psycho-traumatology and on the management of problematic situations in schools. Her research focuses mainly on the risk and protective factors of psychological trauma as well as on the processes of resilience and the impact of dissociation on the evolution of trauma.

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