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Belgian Federation of Psychologists 

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The Belgian Federation of Psychologists is a federation of associations of psychologists.

Member Organizations

Workers at Gas Plant

VOCAP unites psychologists active in the wider world of business.

Person Drawing Anime Sketch
School Psychology

VVSP unites psychologists who are active in the educational system.

Therapy Session
Clinical Psychology

VVKP and UPPCF  unite psychologists in the broader health and welfare sector.

Education Books Bookshelfs
Theory and Research

BAPS unites psychologists who are active in psychological research.


Psychology in Belgium

Psychology is a science that deals with the study of mental functions and behaviour. In Belgium, psychology is researched and taught at about seven universities. Psychologists apply that knowledge in different sectors of our society.

Psychologists are graduates or masters in psychology. Since 1993 the title of psychologist has been legally protected and monitored by another organisation, the Commission of Psychologists (for more information see ). It monitors the register of registered psychologists and also includes the Disciplinary Board and the Board of Appeal which monitor the deontology of psychologists. If a person believes that a psychologist has made a deontological error, then that person can go to the Commission of Psychologists to file a complaint. More information about the Commission of Psychologists can be found on its website. However, the role of the Commission of Psychologists is legally limited to the above. The commission does not fulfil the role of a professional association and therefore cannot provide information about the professional practice, for example. However, as a psychologist you can always appeal to the associations that are members of our Federation.

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